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Let your skin live, a younger life... GRACIA - Bio-cellulose Anti Wrinkles Mask Discover a new chapter of beauty masks   Gracia is a real medical class mask and provides you the most professional beauty treatment. Bio-cellulose is made from plants and fruits fermentation by microorganisms. It is made under FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and GRAS (Generally Reported as Safe) authority. This product is natural, human skin similar, tender, and hydrophilic. It is certainly an epoch-making cosmetics mask carrier, a hi-tech beauty mask and a professional, medical-class new product! Bio-cellulose is the finest fiber in natural materials, made from organic substance with a gentle texture and natural stretch. It adheres very well to the human face and stimulates the skin positively. There is clinical proof that it works wonder when serve as a burning wound dressing in medical usage. Applying bio- cellulose in beauty treatments as a carrier for luxury essence will also maximize the effect to the skin, creating eternal good looks.  
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With headquarters in Munich, B&V NIKI provides superior trading with cosmetics products, serving both the domestic and international sectors.  B&V NIKI brings fresh and innovative products on the Cosmetics Market.
The formulations of cosmetics contain no fragrances, colorants’ or preservatives, and they are also free of silicone, paraffin’s and emulsifiers.